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Twelve saints Mazar Sharif,Mirzapur, Atwari, Panchagarh.

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Twelve saints Mazar Sharif

Twelve saints Mazar Sharif Short Description :-
Mirzapur Sadar Upazila of the 9 km north-east of the vast land of saints, the bar at the Union Bar Mazar Sharif Aulia. Arrival times of saints olidera olidera history, but the history of the mystery sources. They found written history today. Twelve Sufi saint saint-established camps at the edge of the city of Chittagong. The bar area is still known as saints. According to, twelve saint Khwaja Bengal including Chittagong father's orders began to preach Islam in different parts of the dormitory building. Then the ground started towards the end of the northern arrived to preach Islam and Mirzapur upazila in Panchagarh Atwari auliyaya Astana union formed again started preaching Islam. Atwari olidera of time into a holy land where the soil was buried. Mazar Sharif Aulia develops bar. Some of the local people and the Custodian of the end of the month on Thursday, April Urs kept very small. Like millions of people would not have the current period. The tomb of saints, it has a history of bar expansion. In 1990, the then deputy commissioner of the district are: the history Abul Bashar Ahmad Aulia times a day jeep ran into the shrine was on the road. Suddenly stopped his Jeep. Despite many attempts to start the engine after the jeep locals pointed Mazar Sharif. The shrine was immediate ablution. At the end of the prayer, without being hit by a car, when the car engine is running. That night in a dream by olidera times in the direction of the tomb of saints, and shrine came back the next morning. He is sick with her two sons came forward for the development of eg the shrine. First, he put together a comprehensive response in the area and forming his call, as well as a pucca building was built over the grave of the two waliyy. Nalapukhuri village on the remaining ten Md Kholilur each of the four side walls of the tomb was built waliyy. The Speaker, the Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, about the efforts of the late Mirza Golam Hafiz, 47-acre complex shrine, shrine, cemetery, ponds, mosques, madrassas, and was built dakbungalow.

Urs gradually expanded since then. Since 1994, under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner of the annual Urs, Mazar management, development, various activities are being conducted in the shrine.

Bar saints, Mirzapur, Atwari, Panchagarh.

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Twelve saints Mazar Sharif
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Local Bangali food
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How can we go: Dhaka, the capital of the Day / Night coach bus on the addition of Atwari styanda directly. 6 km from Atwari basayoge Mirzapur. Rickshaw east of Mirzapur / bhyanayoge 3 kilometers Maza
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Hotels are available in Panchagarh Bazar area and Dhakkamara. Mouchak Residential Hotel Hilton Boarding Central Guest House – Cinema Road Islam Residential Hotel Hotel Rajnagar Residential Hotel
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Panchagarh Bazaar
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Highest average temperature: June 30,2°c Celsius Lowest average temperature: January, 10.1°c Celsius. Average amount of rainfall is 2,931 mm.
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