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Sajec Vally

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Sajek (সাজেক) is a a remote hilly area that is located at Rangamati district (রাঙামাটি জেলা), but you have to go there through the Khagrachhori district (খাগড়াছড়ি জেলা). Once upon a time this place was a risky place for the security reason and only few adventurous people could have dared to travel this region. But now a days the situation has changed. Bangladesh army has established their camp over their along with BGB. That's why the security has improved over there and lot of tourists are going there during their vacation. 

Sajek is a union at Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati districts. But If you like to go there than you have to came Kahgrachori first and than you have to hire jeep to go there .. Most attractions of the spot are sun set,cloud , rain, morning, evening, and night and aborigine people.

Sajek is a very remote area of Bangladesh. it's located at Khagrachori District of Bangladesh. In recent years, Sajek has become a tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It is a hilly area with forest. On the top of tallest hill, there is a area to stay at night. Several cottage of local inhabitants are available to rent. Being at the top...

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