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Ramsagar Lake & Ramsagar National Park, DINAJPUR.

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Ramsagar Lake & Ramsagar National Park

Ramsagar Lake

Ramsagor is known as largest and mostbeautiful lake. Ramsagar man-made lake located at Tejpur about 8 km south of Dinajpur district. The Ramsagar Recreation area expands out over about 60 sq. kilometer, with lake. The lake was known as after Raja Ram Nath who excavated iton the eve of the battle of palashi. That time Alivardi Khan was the Nawab of Bengal. The lake was excavated to provide drinkingwater to the villagers. It is said that there was an ongoing food crisis and starvation famine in this part of the country from 1750 to 1755 AD. Perhaps Ram Nath started to dig the pond on the reasons for ‘food for work’ and help to survive the famine-stricken villagers. About 1.5 thousand labors proved for digging the Ramsagar.The water area of Ramsagar approximates 1079 m long north-south and 192.6m long east-west. Probably depth of the lake is 9.5m. There was a Ghat on the center of the lake. The lake is enclosed by 10.75m high embankments.

Ramsagar National Park

The total area of Ramsagar National Park about 60 square km. Forest Department of Bangladesh have planted different type of ornamental and fruit trees that have flourished and become forested areas. Around the Ramsagar it is a familiar picnic place for tourists.

In national park there has some animals such as Deer, Wild Boar, Blue Bull, Sloth Bear and Hyena. There some birds such as are seen. Moreover, the lake is a safe place for migratory birds.

Ramsagar is now a popular tourist spot under the care of Bangladesh Parjatan Organization. Parjaton Organization has developed some features for the visitors around the lake, such as rest room, picnic corners; Small zoo and refreshment corner as well as play ground  for children to enjoy. The lake is full of different type of fishes. There have some fresh water crocodiles.Popular attractions in the spot such as fishing, hiking and sailing are also advantage. You can also watch different types of birds like White-Breasted Water Hen, Jacanas, Moorhen, River Tern , Ringed Plover, Sand Piper and Grayish and Violet Herons. A large numbers of migratory/guest birds visit this manmade lake which is a source of entertainment of tourists during the winter season. It is a spectacular site and you would not want to miss it if you sight one stuck at its beauty.

Entry Fee: 5.00 BTk per person.

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From Dinajpur To Dhaka        
Transport Name For booking contact From Departure time Arrival Time Rent
Hanif Enterprise 0531-51668, 01713201706 Kalitala 05.00AM to 23.30PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
Shamoli Enterprise 0531-64913,01819120884, 01716593395,01670988487 Kalitala 8.30AM to 12.00PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
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Bablu Enterprise 0531-63688,01190376054, 01712763255,01717948790. Kalitala 8.45AM to 24.00PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
Safe Line 01729116303 Kalitala 9.00AM to 23.30PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
From Dhaka to Dinajpur        
Bablu Enterprise 02-9123503,02-8141866, 01711119372,01716451855 Dhaka (Asadgate, Technical) 7.30AM to 22.45PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
Nabil Enterprise 02-9007036,02-8012136, 02-8127949, 01716001010 Asadgate, Dhaka 8.00AM to 24.00PM 8 Hour later 600 / =, 1000 / - (AC)
Shamoli Enterprise   Dhaka (Asadgate, Technical) 7.30AM to 22.30PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
S.K.Travels   Gabtali,Dhaka From 7.30AM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT
Hanif Enterprise   Dhaka (Asadgate, Technical) 10AM to 22.30PM 8 Hour later 600.00 BDT

Train communication :- 

From Dinajpur To Dhaka      
Transport Name For booking contact From Departure time Arrival Time
Drutajayan Inter-City Express  64018 Dinajpur 7.40 AM 17.10PM
Akota Inter-City Express  64018 Dinajpur 21.20 PM 6.45AM
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Drutajayan Inter-City Express  64018 Dhaka 19.40PM 05.10AM
Akota Inter-City Express  64018 Dhaka 09.40AM 19.00PM

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Ramsagar Lake & Ramsagar National Park.
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Mughlai Paratha, Bakarkhani, Chapati Roti, Naan Roti and Puri are the usual dishes of Dinajpur natives. Also the locals of Dinajpur like non vegetarian dishes namely dopiaza, gosht bhuna, rezala and tandoori gosht. The hotels and restaurants at Dinajpur offer mouthwatering foods of local and interna
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Ramsagar National is about 9km from Dinajpur Town. Ricksha , Van available from Town.
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Hotel Mrigoya Premium MRD Tower , Chalkbazar, Malda Potti, Dinajpur From 625.00 BDT Hotel Munshi and Abashik Nimtola, Dinajpur From 500.00 BDT Hotel Mrigoya MRD Tower, Chalk bazar, Dinajpur From 375
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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Dinajpur. BRAC Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, City Bank, Trust Bank.
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Phone Networking Facility available.
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Pulhat, Maldapatty, Chawkbazar, Barabandar and Bahadur Bazar. Gulshan Market at Ganeshtala and Lutfunnesa Commercial Complex at Munshipara .
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Hospital Name Address Contact Number BNSB Eye Hospital, New Town, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-64033. Civil Sergeon Nursing Centre Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-65095 City Clinic Balubari, Dinajpur Tel:
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01-October to 31-March.
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