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Nayabad Mosque,Dinajpur.

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Nayabad Masjid,DINAJPUR

Nayabad Mosque is located about 20 km to the north-west of the Dinajpur and the bank of Dhepa River at Nayabad in Ramchandrapur Union under Kaharol Thana. The mosque established about 1.15 bighas of land. It has been repaired by the Department of Archaeology.

Emperor Shah Alam II was built the mosque in 1793. According to local traditions, the mosque was designed by Muslim architectural workers who had come to this region from the west to develop Kantanagar temple in mid-18th century. Nayabad a village near the temple, and had designed the mosque for their own use.

It is a rectangular three-domed mosque with octagonal minaret shape at the four corners. All the walls are 1.10 miters thick. There are three arched entryways and these are equivalent in height and width. The main arch is 1.15m wide and 1.95 miters high. The south and north sides of the mosque there is an arched window each. Multi-cusped archways have been used in the entrances and windows. There are three Mihrabs in the west side of the walls in range with the three entryways. The main Mihrab is larger than the flanking ones which are of equivalent size. Three hemispherical domes cover the mosque, of which the main one is larger than the part ones.

Of the octagonal minaret shape at the four corners of the mosque two (northeastern and northwestern) still have cupolas on their top. The top of the other two is now exposed. The corner minarets are gradually tapering; each had a lantern-like Chhatri on the top crowned with a cupola. Four groups at frequent durations beautify the outer surface of each structure.

The clay plaques (terracotta) used in the design of the mosque has become loose and most of them have been broken. There is about 104 clay (terracotta) use in the outer surface of the mosque. Though broken some of them display flower and creeper and floral elements. It is popular that one contains a construal of a couple of peacocks.

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Mughlai Paratha, Bakarkhani, Chapati Roti, Naan Roti and Puri are the usual dishes of Dinajpur natives. Also the locals of Dinajpur like non vegetarian dishes namely dopiaza, gosht bhuna, rezala and tandoori gosht. The hotels and restaurants at Dinajpur offer mouthwatering foods of local and interna
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Bus communication :- From Dinajpur To Dhaka Transport Name For booking contact From Departure time Arrival Time Rent Hanif Enterprise 0531-51668, 01713201706 Kalitala 05.00AM to 23.30PM 8 Hour
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Hotel Mrigoya Premium MRD Tower , Chalkbazar, Malda Potti, Dinajpur From 625.00 BDT Hotel Munshi and Abashik Nimtola, Dinajpur From 500.00 BDT Hotel Mrigoya MRD Tower, Chalk bazar, Dinajpur From 375
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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Dinajpur. BRAC Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, City Bank, Trust Bank.
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Phone Networking Facility available.
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Pulhat, Maldapatty, Chawkbazar, Barabandar and Bahadur Bazar. Gulshan Market at Ganeshtala and Lutfunnesa Commercial Complex at Munshipara .
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Hospital Name Address Contact Number BNSB Eye Hospital, New Town, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-64033. Civil Sergeon Nursing Centre Dinajpur Sadar, Dinajpur Tel: 0531-65095 City Clinic Balubari, Dinajpur Tel:
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01-October to 31-March.
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