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Himchori waterfall

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Many attractions are for the tourists around Cox's Bazar. You can go Himchori to see it's Waterfall, this is famous for waterfall, though in the winter season it dwindles but during the rainy season it's really a fabulous and full waterfall can be enjoyed.

Located 12 km south of Bazar Town and 6 km from the Kalatali beach by the hill. 
Area: 1,729 hectares. 
Getting there: 
From Kalatali stand, it is only 15-minute ride to entry; if you take a taxi or chandergari (local transport). You can also rent a car from Bazar. 
Outstanding Features: 
1)Beautiful-waterfall . 
2)HimchariNationalPark . 
3)BrokenHill . 
4) Christmas Tree .

1. Beautiful Waterfall: 
The amazing waterfall of Himchari is a very rare scene to enjoy. The waterfall from the green hill is relatively extraordinary to look at. However, in the winter it dwindles whereas in the rainy season it is really wonderful and full waterfall could be enjoyed. The spot is ideal for picnic, shooting, relaxing and sunbathing. But whenever you have sunbathing locals can rush around you as Bangladeshis' are not used to see women in swim costume. Here you get beautiful hilltop resort centre where you can stay for relaxing and can hear the shore of the Bay of Bengal. 
2. Himchari National Park: 
Park is a beautiful tropical rain forest (evergreen & semi-ever-green) around the South Asia. The park was established in 1980. This place is maintained, protected and secured by the government for the foreign tourists and the local visitors. The Park is not only attractive for the tourists it is also attractive for the biologist. 
The park gets high forest, low forest & grasslands with a few trees. Around 58 species of trees, 4 species grasses, 15 species of shrubs, 19 climbers and 21 species of herbs altogether 117 plant species are available here. In the forest area there are at least twenty kinds of important herbs like Curculigorecurvata, Swintonia floribunda and Alpinianigra are available which most valuable plant are for the biologist. 
The park is also considered as a paradise of birdwatcher. A lot of bird watchers are gathered here for the seeing the different kinds of birds, as more than 286 species of birds found there. Additionally, 55 species of mammals, 56 species of reptiles and 13 species of amphibians are found in the evergreen forest. A small number of elephants and leopard also found here. The US administration already made an agreement with Bangladesh government to induct tigers in to the forest areas. 
Wild life: Elephant, Tigers, Capped Langur, Gibbon, Rhesus Macaque, Dhole, Sloth Bear, HirundoRustica, Indian Muntjac, Wild Boar, CypsiurrusParvus Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Fishing Cat, and Acridotheres. 
Adventure: Picnic, Shooting and Bird safari . 
Entry Fee: Tk. 5.00/ Person. 
Present Visitors: 2,00,000 / Year. 
It is also an attraction for most of the visitors. Come and see what wonder waiting for you. 
4) Christmas Tree 
Christmas tree of here is another famous attraction for the tourist. 
After visiting Himchari if you want to stay at night, should stay in Cox's Bazar. You will get a number of hotels and restaurants there with different budget. 
You can reach Himchari only by the beach. So, ensure you are back to town before high tide rise in the evening. It is not wise to stay here after sunset.

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