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Haripur Jamidar bari is the center of the Haripur upzilla. It was established by the generation. During the rule of muslim (i.e. 1400) a man named Ghansham Kunda came to Haripur to set up a business of Andy cloth. At that time a woman named Meherunnesa was the landlord of this area. She was from Medinisagar village. She had to paid to her taxes to the lord of Tajpur. Meherunnesa sold some part of her property to Ghansham Kunda due to her unpaid taxes.   

Raghbendra one of the descendants of Ghansham Kunda started to build up the Haripur king’s palace during the British period in 19th century. Jogendra Narayan, son of Raghbendra finished the construction of the king’s palace at the end of 19th century. The palace is a two stored building. The wall of the first floor was designed by different arabesque. The eastern wall contains 14 statue of Jogendra Narayan. There is a Shib temple at the eastern side of the building and a Nath temple in front of the temple. There was a big library in the king’s palace.

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Historical Place.
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Local special Food.
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Nabil Paribahan (Only Non-AC service ) Asad Gate - 02-8127949. Kollyanpur - 02-8018076. Uttara, Sector-5. M- 01713-563801.
United Paribahan (Only Non-AC service ) Saydabad Bus Terminal, Dhaka. M -  01724-024233.
Keya Paribahan (Only Non-AC service ) Gabtoli Bus Terminal -  02-9000812. Technica l- 01193-255943. Kollyanpur-02-8014658,01711-118402,01193-255942.Shyamoli - 01193-255941. Arambagh - 01711-704171.
Babul Enterprise (Only Non-AC service ) Asad Gate - Ph.- 01711-119372. Shyamoli - 01716-932122. Kollyanpur - 01817-082802. Technical - 01716-451855. Gabtoli - 01193-090713.
Karnaphuli Paribahan (Only Non-AC service ) Signboard, Abdullahpur Board Bazar (West of Abdullahpur Bus Stand), Uttara, Dhaka. Ph.-  01674-805164.
Khalek Enterprise (A/C & Non-AC service ) Beauty Cenema Hall, Ashian High Way, Gabtoli, , Dhaka-1216. M - +880-2-8011477, 8015224.
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Name Address Rent
Hotel Salam International North Circular Road, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Ph.-88-0561-52246 From 400.00 BDT
Thakurgaon Rest House Ashrompara, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. From 1000.00 BDT
Hotel Mokbul Abashik Mokbul Plaza, Puraton Bus Stand, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh From 250.00 BDT
Hotel Sadek Abashik Sadek Market, Old Bus Stand, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Ph.- 88-0561-52197 From 200.00 BDT
Art Gallery Boarding College road, Thakurgaon sadar, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh From 275.00 BDT
Manama Abashik Hotel Sadar Hospital Gate, Hajipara, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh From350.00 BDT
Hotel Prime International North Circular Road,Thakurgaon. Ph.- 88-0561-53505.  
Spot Bank/ATM Booth Facility
Bank/ATM Booth facilities available in Thakurgaon District.
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Phone network facilities available in Thakurgaon District.
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Shopping Mall in Thakurgaon :- • IRS Tower(Bangabandu Rd, Thakurgaon). • Nurjahan Plaza(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon). • Mouchak Super Market(N Circular Rd, Thakurgaon). • mader Bazar(Shahid Mohammad Ali Rd, Thakurgaon).
Spot Medical Facility


Hospital Name Address Contact Number
Central Diagnostic Centre Banga Bandhu Sarak, Thakurgaon.  
Marie Stopes ClinicThakurgoan 648, Ghosh Para, Bangabandhu Road,Thakurgaon. Ph-01733-955020
Sadar Hospital, Thakurgaon. Tel: 0561-52021.
Swasthosheba Hospital, College Para, Thakurgoan. Tel: 0561-52314, M: 01819-825720.
ESDO CommunityHospital, College Para, Thakurgoan. Tel: 01710-869051
District Hospital Government Hospital Thakurgaon Sadar, Thakurgaon. Tel: 01730-324816
Upazila Health Complex Government Hospital Baliadangi, Thakurgaon. Tel: 01730-324724
Upazila Health Complex Government Hospital Haripur, Thakurgaon. Tel: 01730-324725
Upazila Health Complex Government Hospital Pirganj, Thakurgaon. Tel: 01730-324726
Upazila Health Complex Government Hospital Ranisankail, Thakurgaon. Tel: 01730-324727
Adventist Dental Clinic 1  House-3/A, Thakurgaon Road. Thakurgaon Sadar. Thakurgaon.   
Gnoshasthaya Nagar Hospital  House # 14/E, Thakurgaon Road. Thakurgaon Sadar. Thakurgaon.   
Lab Aid Poly Clinic Dialysis Unit  House # 6, Thakurgaon Road. Thakurgaon Sadar. Thakurgaon.  
Gonoshastha Nagar Hospital  House # 14/E, Thakurgaon Road. Thakurgaon Sadar. Thakurgaon.   
Haroon Eye Clinic House #12/A, Thakurgaon Road. Thakurgaon Sadar. Thakurgaon.  
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There are mainly three seasons in Bangladesh; The Monsoonal Season (wet season) from May to October. The Cool Season From October to February (the weather is drier and fresh) & the Hot season from March to May. he best time to go is Between October and February; days are sunny , the weather is dry, skies are blue & with daytime temperatures averaging 22ºC. but the time of April the temperature rises to around 40ºC. On average, Bangladesh is hit by one major cyclone every three years. The worst times for these are May and June, and October and November. 

The Muslims Main & only Festival that may really inconvenience you is Ramadan. During this month-long period of fasting, getting food (especially in small towns) can be difficult. Some budget hotels stop operating altogether.

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