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image Bangladesh

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Banglabandha zero point,Banglabanda, Tentulia, Panchagarh.

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Banglabandha zero point

Banglabandha zero (0) points
Tentulia sarbottarera on the Himalayan kolaghemse. No. 1 is the union of the upazila Bangladesh Bangla Bangla map sarbottarera space zero (0) points and Bangla port. This is the Mahananda river and about 10 acres of land near the border with India, Bangla port was built in 1997, with the country's commodity exchanges are performed Nepal Banglabandha zero (0) points. Recently, the port of export and import activities have started in India. In addition, Nepal and Bhutan through this port also has strong economic ties. It is the only port through which the three countries with strong growth potential to develop communication. Immigration is going to be launched very soon here in India. Turn it will become the heart of the tourist district of Panchagarh.

Banglabandha, tentulia, Panchagarh.

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Banglabandha zero point.
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Local Bangla food.
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How can we go: The only communication from the capital is road . If you come from Dhaka to Dinajpur by train, then come to Dinajpur bus terminal by Rickshaw from there you can get direct gate lock b
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Hotels are available in Panchagarh Bazar area and Dhakkamara. Mouchak Residential Hotel Hilton Boarding Central Guest House – Cinema Road Islam Residential Hotel Hotel Rajnagar Residential Hotel
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Banking/ATM Booth Facility available in Panchagarh.
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Phone Networking Facility available in Panchagarh.
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Panchagarh Bazaar.
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Local Medical Facility.
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Highest average temperature: June 30,2°c Celsius Lowest average temperature: January, 10.1°c Celsius. Average amount of rainfall is 2,931 mm.
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